The Vert Shock Program Does Not Work as Advertised!

I recently purchased the Vert Shock program from I followed the exercises in the program exactly for 8 weeks, gave my body several days to rest, and measured the improvement in my vertical. I gained a measly 2.5 inches, far short of the 9-15 inches "personally guaranteed" on the Vert Shock website. I was in good shape (but not tip top shape) before beginning the program and am confident that I would have improved my vertical more than 2 or 3 inches using common sense workout methods during those 8 weeks in lieu of the Vert Shock program.

The program consists of well known plyometric and abdominal exercises cobbled together into about 4 different workouts which are repeated throughout the 8 weeks with no change in the amount of sets or reps in these workouts. The authors appear to have spent more time developing marketing materials than their jumping program.

If you want to efficiently utilize your time, effort, and money in improving your vertical, find a different program. In the past, I have had much better results with basic weight training (including squats), other plyometric exercises, and Jumpsoles/Strength Shoes (you can buy a used pair of Jumpsoles on eBay for less than this program and they are far more effective).

I had a hard time finding unbiased reviews on this program before my purchase and was motivated to create this site when the owners refused to stand by their "guarantee" and refund my money. Most of the online "reviews" of this program are simply advertisements and link directly to the Vert Shock website (created by the owners?). If you have had a similar negative experience with the Vert Shock program feel free to send it to me at for posting.


Vert Shock Refuses to Provide Refund

After my frustrating experience with the Vert Shock program, I asked for a refund but was told I was past the 60 day refund period. I protested that their front page encourages you to use the program for 60 days and then evaluate the program before asking for a refund:

"If you use Vert Shock for 60 days and honestly feel that it failed to deliver on anything we promised you on this page, we will give you a complete refund. Just send us an email with nothing more than 'refund request' in the subject line and we'll refund the entire cost within 24 hours."

As a basis for refusing the refund, they pointed me to a well-hidden page (the only link to this page is in tiny text at the very bottom of the front page of the website) that purports to restrict refunds to the first 60 days.

I'm disappointed and hope that some of you will have the good sense to avoid this company that is not willing to stand behind their product. If you have any questions about my experience or vertical jump training in general, feel free to email me at